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What is the Super Touch Programme?

What is the Super Touch Programme?

What are Super-Touch Blitzes?

Super Touch blitzes are organised for the Under-13 to minor age grades in an effort to re-establish the small-sided tournament games structure of years gone by. Games are played on a small-sided basis of 7, 9, or 11-a-side.

Super Touch Blitzes already take place in many counties for Post Primary schools, predominantly aimed at First-Year / Year 8 students.

Many of the benefits of small-sided games are evident in this type of format, with players having extra space to perform the skills of the game, but equally coming under increased pressure with regard to their positioning and pace. Games are organised in a competitive manner with a rotation system used to ensure all players receive playing time.

Benefits of Small Sided Games:

Ø Players have more contact with the ball therefore improving skill development

Ø Players are involved in more defensive and attacking situations, e.g 3 v 2, challenging their decision making

Ø Players get more scoring opportunities

Ø Players work harder therefore increasing fitness levels

Ø Blitzes are organised on a small-sided, competitive basis

Ø The playing rules may be modified to meet varying needs

Ø Team qualification for play offs, finals etc., is determined on the back of finishing position in earlier games

Ø Interchange system is used to maximise the level of player involvement. Player’s positions should also be regularly rotated.

Ø The Super Touch programme builds on the Go Games concept and is geared to maximise competitive outlets – in Hurling Football – for those between age 13 and 18

Ø Increased competence apart, involvement also provides  for a range of other learning opportunities and benefits:

o   Optimises health & well being and provides space for teenagers to take on increased responsibility

o   Enhances their level of self-reliance/resilience and contributes to their growing sense of independence  

o   Inspires them to excel and to value the importance of discipline, goal setting, collaboration & team work

o   Promotes a lifelong commitment to the GAA

How Can Our School Get Involved?


Before November 30th 2013 interested schools should register their participation by completing  this form. . Each registered school will be invited to take part in a local blitz and will receive a Super-Touch Pack once they have participated. (1 pack per code, per school). Schools which have received a Super-Touch Pack previously are not entitled to receive e a pack in 2013/14. A limited number of packs are available to schools who did not register last year.

In addition to county blitzes, many of which have already taken place, Schools are encouraged to arrange internal Super-Touch blitzes within their school.

    The Hurling Super-Touch Equipment Pack will contain:

    Ø     A Holdall

    Ø     1 dozen sliotars (size 4)

    Ø A set of cones

    Ø Two sets of 13 bibs.


The Gaelic Football Super-Touch Equipment Pack will contain:

    Ø A Holdall

    Ø 4 Gaelic Footballs (size 4)

    Ø A set of Cones

    Ø Two sets of 13 bibs


What Does Our School Need?


The Super-Touch Packs contains all required equipment by a school. (Students/Players need to provide their own hurleys/helmets etc).

If short of equipment or a venue a club should liaise with the GAA clubs in their catchment area as part of a Club-Post Primary School link to relieve any shortfall.


Playing rules as per U-14 Hurling and Gaelic Football rules. (The playing rules may be modified to meet varying needs or in internal blitzes to focus on particular skills)

Suggested Pitch Dimensions  (length x width) / Playing Time (Minutes)

7-a-side:  80m x 45m   / 4 Quarters  of  7 minutes

9-a-side:  90m x 60m / 4 Quarters  of  7 minutes

11-a-side: 100m x 75m  / 4 Quarters  of  10 minutes

13-a-side: Full Pitch  / 4 Quarters  of  10 minutes

It is planned to introduce the Super-Touch Programme to all non-exam years over the next 4 years.