Information for Teachers

We want to bring to your attention the exciting initiative that is ‘Pella’. Pella is an indoor version of Gaelic football that can be played as seven or five 
a side game in an indoor arena or on an all- weather pitch. The game has huge potential as an alternative to other indoor sports and is a great way of 
engaging young players in Gaelic Football. The video link below provides a demonstration of the game in action.
Many schools and clubs have a hall or other setting that can be used for Pella which also has great potential as a coaching tool. 

Set-up costs for 
the installation of nets etc are very reasonable while the promotional value in schools and clubs is very significant. There is a growing interest and 
awareness of the potential of Pella and more and more units are incorporating it into their games programme.

For more information please log onto  ,email or call any of the three GAA members who have pioneered this initiative:
Seán Kelly 086 3200558 - Frank Foley 087 2127209 - Tommy Leavy 086 0866781

A copy of the GAA Post-Primary Schools Strategy is available on request from