Student Welfare

Students, Clubs and all those involved in Post Primary GAA should inform themselves of the following initiatives run by the GAA:

Cardiac Screening Awareness

The GAA now advise that the most effective way to identify risk is for players over the age of 14 to undergo cardiac screening on one occasion. It is also advised that this process be repeated before the age of 25. Players should consult their team or family doctor if they wish to get screened and screening should consist of completion of the GAA’s Cardiac Screening Questionnaire, a Physical Examination and an ECG.

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Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention

The GAA’s Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) programme, a joint initiative with the HSE, is a unique undertaking in the Irish sporting context.

Its mission is simple: To promote healthy life-choices by reducing the harm caused by the misuse of alcohol and other drugs.

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GAA Tackling Bullying

GAA Tackling Bullying is a new training resource that the GAA developed in response to a growing awareness of the impact of bullying in society and particularly in sport.

The programme consists of a two-hour training workshop suitable for Coaches, Parents, Players and other Club personnel and also includes a range of publicity materials for Clubs.

The drafting and piloting phase of this programme has taken more than a year with 10 pilot workshops and a number of consultation meetings with underage players, parents and coaches.

The two-hour programme may be run in tandem and complimentary to any other educational and or community anti-bullying initiatives and is suitable for delivery at both adult and under age levels.